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Production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals based on pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles and special nanostructuresProduction of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals based on pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles and special nanostructures


     The project provides for creation of pharmaceutical production with the usage of a new technology that allows culturing vaccines and biopharmaceuticals based on pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles. A common property of the drugs to be manufactured under the new technology is endogenous synthesis of target proteins in the human body, which perform different functions, including compensatory therapy; stimulation of the relevant immune response or relieving toxic effects in the case of chemo- or radiotherapy.
     The principle of the structure is pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles carrying a "useful gene"embedded. Nanoparticles deliver the gene into human body cells, where it starts to work and express the desired protein within 4 to5 weeks.
     Gene delivery is performed by an adenoviral vector, which has no pathogenic influence on the human body. We build the protein genes into the structure and introduce them to the immune system. Adenoviruses penetrate into the body, the genetic sequence gets through the cells and after that the cells begin to produce the target protein. There is no need to get viral samples for culturing the vaccine, we just need to know the necessary nucleotide sequences.
     The exclusive technology of NTpharma reduces drastically the production time for the new vaccines. This advantage is vital when dealing with vaccines for pandemic flu strains spreading rapidly all over the world.


     In the scope of the project we plan to develop a new generation vaccine for human influenza and two gene-therapy pharmaceuticals, one for detoxification in oncological treatment, the other for treatment of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease.

     AdeVasc is a genetic drug for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease). Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, also referred to as Lou Gehrig’s disease or motor neuron disease) is a chronic progressive, clinically and genetically heterogenic fatal disease caused by progressive degeneration of motor neurons, located in the brain and in the the spinal cord. AdeVasc ™ is an adenoviral vector construction that expresses VEGF (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and Ang (Angiogenin) genes. AdeVasc ™ expresses VEGF- and Ang-genes to increase concentration in blood of the factor stimulating the growth of blood vessels, which improves significantly the scenario for the disease progress.

     AdeVac-Flu ™ is a vaccine that protects against the human influenza infection. This vaccine is a solution for intranasal administration, which contains recombinant pseudoadenoviral particles, expressing haemagglutinin genes of the current strains (A and B) or other strains recommended by the WHO for each epidemical season. The improved quality of the new genetic vaccine AdeVac-Flu ™ is a great advantage for its application in medical practice.

     AdeLact ™ is a gene therapy preparation for detoxification therapy. It relieves toxic conditions arising in oncological practice during chemo and/or radiotherapy. The gene therapy preparation is based on an adenoviral vector that expresses human Lactoferrin gene (Lf). In vitro AdeLact ™ transports the human Lf-gene to cells of the permissive 293 culture and subsequently expresses the human recombinant Lf-gene. In vivo AdeLact ™ transports the gene of the target protein (human Lf) to the animal’s organism after a single intravenous injection in the dosage ranging from 1,5*1011 to 430*1011 viral particles/m2. This provides its expression that can be measured quantitatively by means of enzyme immunoassay, taking into account the human recombinant Lf-level in the blood serum of animals. The production of the target proteins is in linear correlation to the dose of the injected preparation.

     All vaccines and pharmaceuticals are protected intellectual property of NTpharma LLC.


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