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Production of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals based on pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles and special nanostructuresProduction of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals based on pseudoadenoviral nanoparticles and special nanostructures


In the center of biotechnological revolution

Why did the mankind succeeded flying into space, but it has not yet learned how to treat the «simple» diseases? Bernard Tsinader, the president of the World Society of Immunologists gave the most impressive calculations.

National income, which the United States receives from the average American man is 226 thousand dollars, from the American woman- 45 thousand. In case of boy's or girl's death they will not bring this income.

During the period of 1955-1961years 154 thousand people suffered from poliomyelitis. The loss of national income was 6.4 billion dollars, 300 million more was the price for treating patients and persons with mental disabilities. Total 6.7 billion.0.65 billion dollars were spent for vaccination, including the price of the vaccine, salary for doctors and administration, research work on drug creation. So, every six years, only polio vaccination gives the U.S .more than $ 6 billion.

Biotechnology can pay a lot of expenses, taking into consideration amazing innovations which are carried out by the leading companies. It is quite obvious that we are not on the doorstep, but in the center of a new revolution - biotechnological.

NTpharma is one of the flagships of the modern biotechnological industry. NTpharma is a unique full cycle production for creating gene products comprising the stages of synthesis, purification, production and quality control. Its design was carried out under the leadership of the world's leading companies on GMP standards.

The pharmaceutical company has two unique platforms for biotechnological production of recombinant vectors and miniantibodies.

The portfolio NTpharma has more than 10 innovative vaccines and therapeutics without analogues in the world.

Due to close cooperation with the authorities of Yaroslavl region and Pereslavl city the construction of facilities for 60 million doses per year is coming to the end. Starting from 2014,NTpharma plans to bring to market2-3 original drugs . NTpharma projects involve large scientific team, including 11 doctors and 60 candidates of sciences.

The unique platform for the production of monoclonal miniantibodies allows to acquire antibodies with a molecular mass of 10 times less than the classic antibodies.

NTpharma production provides significant competitive advantages to Russia in comparison to other developed countries. Unusually high value added production makes it one of the most profitable in the world.

New generation of drugs are undergoing clinical trials, including drugs for removal of toxic states due to irradiation and chemotherapy, gene therapy drug for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Now we are not afraid, if we have our artificial joint, valve or vessel put. We understand how to run artificial molecular mechanisms in the body in order to solve complex problems. Today is the fact of what will be tomorrow. These are unique technology. And this is happening in our country.

Khachik Sayadyan professor, MD, Director of Research and Development, LLC «NTpharma»



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